Winners of Q1 2010 is giving out USD50 Amazon Vouchers for the very first time. As such, to commemorate this first time, I am pleased to announce that there will be 2 winners for Q1 2010! They are Tad Dylan Lee & mokmf23 of (not in any order). Congratulations, Tad Dylan Lee & mokmf23 !

Their photographs are chosen out of all the photographs contributed from over the world.

They will receive a USD50 Amazon Voucher each.

We also want to congratulate all who contributed their photographs to; we received many outstanding photographs. Our only regret is that there can only be two winners.

We will announce details for the next contest. Get ready, the next winner may be you. You may want to subscribe to this blog to be timely informed of any upcoming contests.

If you have any prize suggestions for Q2 2010 or if you think that this reward should be given out monthly/bimonthly, do send me your feedback @ ! We consider all feedback seriously.